I’m back!

It has been a very busy past year and I have once again gotten off track from my writing goals. Hopefully however this time we stay on track. 🙂

This is going to remain my personal blog, however I will soon be publishing another blog. A fitness blog! Fitness has been a passion of mine for a long time but recently I decided to begin pursuing certification in Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Eventually I would like to open a gym in my home town.

So whenever the new blog is online, I will let you know! Until then, stay tuned!

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Book update

Well after only day one of looking for an illustrator, I had a good prospect respond to my posting online. Hopefully this is the one! Illustrations are the only thing holding up my progress, once those are completed it won’t take much time to finish the layout of the book and get it ready to print.

Will keep posting updates!

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I’m back!


Well I’ve been off this blog for a while, but I’m getting back on track with my writing goals and I thought this would be a great place to start writing again.

I wrote a children’s book last year and was looking for an illustrator, thought I had one and then it fell through. However I am currently looking for one again and when I find one the book will be near completion.

I am self publishing it so I need all the audience I can get. I will be posting updates.


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The sun also rises here…but in a much more gorgeous way

         Let’s give a tid bit of background right now so this little story will make sense. I am a born and bred backwoods country girl. I hate the city, I hate drama, I hate traffic, and sometimes I even hate industrial progress (at least when it starts affecting my boondocks life). Sad to say I have moved away but I am back in my small town for a visit. 

          I have been sleeping in my parents living room and this morning I woke up unusually early. I looked around and since the room is surrounded by windows I could see it was already getting light outside. But it was that half light, right before dawn. And it hit me…you can’t see this in the city. It’s crazy the things you don’t even notice until you leave and come back.

         It was the simplest, yet the most beautiful thing I’d seen. The light was a surreal, transcluent blue, just strong enough to illuminate the windows but not really pour in yet. I got up and peeped through one of the blinds and the sun was just getting ready to rise over the trees.

          I don’t know why I was so breath taken. The difference between having trees instead of buildings for a filter was just so phenomenal. Being out in the woods and being one with nature and all that seems cheesy I’m sure, but I honestly wish everyone had a chance to see something as simple, yet so outstandingly beautiful as that.

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Putting in my two cents


Today as I went through the check out line at a small local grocery store, my total came to $4.98. The cashier gave me two shiny pennies. I used to love change, back before I had direct deposit and now mostly all I use is plastic. Now, in the rare event I actually use paper, I end up chunking the change in my console since my billfold doesn’t have any place to put it. But two pennies?

         Then I had a little thought that put a glimpse of a grin on my face. Silly, but still. It cracks me up the kick people from all walks of life get out of picking up change of any sort on the ground. They put it in their pocket and it’s soon forgotten. However there’s nothing like that two seconds of glory.

          So when I stepped out the door, I took a few steps and dropped one. After a few more steps, I dropped another.

          I hope they landed heads up. 🙂

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Random thoughts…

  It’s getting kind of late and I’m just sitting in the kitchen with a little lamp on, blogging, facebooking, reading a writing magazine, and…writing. Well not writing yet but blogging warms me up.

          I’m reading a special edition magazine Writer’s Digest puts out quarterly. It’s called ‘Writing Basics’. It has some pretty good articles in it.

          I’ve been writing for about five years now. When I first started writing, it was rather diligently. I wrote consistently, pretty much every day and submitted articles and stories all the time. Rejection after rejection. I didn’t really get disappointed as much as just bored. It gets tiring to feel like you are just floating around in a giant puddle and don’t have anywhere to go. My path in life took my interest away from writing for a while but now I see it as an outlet. When my mind gets to full there’s nothing more satisfying than throwing it down on paper in whatever format seems fitting at the time.

         Everyone gets up to their forehead in things at least every once in a while, some more than others. I encourage you, put it down on paper. Anything and everything. What you did that day. Capture little moments. Write down what’s on your mind. I am always jotting down little phrases and rhymes that pop into my head. You never know if they might turn into something.

          I’ve always been a reader, but as with writing, my other goals and interests in life steered me away and I lost time. However, I have made it a point to pick it back up again. Right now I am focusing on classics solely. I picked The Catcher in the Rye as my first title. I believe that (as with most books) you can learn a lot from classics. So I don’t want to just read these books so I can say I have, I want to research the authors and learn the different viewpoints of what symbolic meaning the writer might have been trying to get across.

         I’m thinking about starting a book club focused on classics. Let me know if you are interested!!!!!!

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First Post

  So I’ve never been a blogger before but here goes!


          I am a writer and a generally creative person that loves the arts among many things so I figured a blog would be a great way to put myself out there and find some inspiration.

          So I’ll be blogging about writing as well as just my awesome every day life.


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